Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scraplift Challenge

"Bad artists copy. Good artists steal."
Pablo Picasso

Hi everyone, my name is Lori and going to help Katie highlight some things for the blog. Hopefully we will have full introductions within the next week of the team that is helping. I can be found in the Digitals gallery as lorig.

We wanted everyone to know about the challenge Katie is hosting at Digitals. The Scraplift challenge for April and May has been posted. Katie has chosen a piece by Angie Young as the inspiration piece. It has many liftable elements. You could be inspired by the design, the colors, the mood invoked. Use that piece that inspires you most and create your own page then link it up in the gallery at Digitals for a bonus.

Katie has created a mini kit to go with the Lovely in Lilac theme. For full details on how to earn this mini check out the challenge. You are welcome to leave a comment here as well. We'd love to see what you've entered. Hopefully we can all inspire each other.

"Copy nature and you infringe on the work of our Lord. Interpret nature and you are an artist."
Jacques Lipchitz