Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Kitties

I've been wanting a kitty. Badly. I live in the sticks (my apologies to the sticks, because they are probably more populated than where I live.) I work from home and go to school from home. Austin is in school all day, and my husband works really long hours. Really long. To put it mildly, I get a little (okay, a LOT!) lonely.

I've been pinning pictures of kitties on Pinterest and sending the pictures to my husband in email. I've been looking at the local shelter website, and sending him links to likely looking kitties. Nothing. It was the only thing on my Christmas list. Nothing.

Yesterday, my husband started sending ME links of kitties from the local shelters, and then he sent me a phone number about someone giving away kittens. I called. I described the kitties to him in IM, and he told me to have her hold TWO of them. So now I'm the proud mama of two adorable babies. And if you don't think I'm right about them being adorable, just look for yourself.

Am I right, or am I right? That white lump is the toy lamb that I bought Austin when he was a baby. He didn't want the babies to be lonely or scared. Do you have pets? Do you scrapbook about your pets? Leave me a comment and share your layout links. I'd love to see your furbabies!

~ Katie


Geri said...

Love the babies and looks like they are well loved. Bella reminds me of my siamese...

Geri said...

Oh, thank you for the freebies also! Kitties took my attention.