Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a quick note...

I received this comment on Day 9 over at the 4shared download.

From Anonymous - Thanks for sharing, but I don`t really think it`s fair to leave them up for a short period of time, some of us ACTUALLY WORK for a living!

I usually blow these comments off, because they are overwhelmingly in the minority. I receive so many positive comments, that most of the time it makes it easy to ignore the ones that are a little less so. Today, I feel the need to vent. I've held it in for a long time, because I really, really don't want to offend anyone, but these comments are hurtful and I don't think the people leaving them realize how badly they do sting. I'm not the only designer who feels that way, but we tend to not say anything.

In self-defense of this comment, and the other similar comments that I've received, I'd like to point out a few things.

Even though I say I'm going to take each day down after one day, I usually end up leaving them up for at least 1 1/2 days and usually longer. I get busy and don't get a chance to remove them in the time that I say.

I kind of resent the implication that I don't work for a living. In addition to doing digital designing, I also do graphic and web design, I sew Civil War era dresses, and I run an internet retail establishment. On top of that I have my son, my husband (neither of whom know how to pick up after themselves), all the housework, we have chickens that need to be cared for AND I do all the yardwork. I am usually on the go constantly from around 6am to well after 1am. Just because I don't have to leave my house in the morning doesn't mean that I don't work.

So to Anonymous, I'm glad that you enjoy the freebies that I give, and I'm really sorry that you don't think that I leave them up long enough, but please don't judge me.


Elaine said...

I am so sorry, that someone left such a rude & thoughtless comment! You should not have to defend yourself!! How dare that person judge you! Just because some of us, do not leave our homes & punch a timeclock, does not mean we do not work or have long days. I think my days were far easier, when I worked at that the office than now, that I work from home. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your awesome talent & time!

G said...

I'm so sorry that you have to read things like that, but don't be sad. 'Cause there's thosen like me that love your work and kindness of giving all amazing things you always give.

Thank you very much.

Keep cool. ;-)

Georgia (I also apoligize for the bad grammar but I know a bit of English).

[ Azulgardenia.com ~ azulgardenia@gmail.com]

J9 said...

First of all, how RUDE to leave a comment like that on something you're getting for FREE, and in your Birthday month too!! Secondly, do they think the work they're downloading just uploads its SELF onto 4shared? That you're taking YOUR time and talent to put there? Sometimes dealing with a moody 4shared to get it to us? Some of us 'came to the party late' and have only just found your series. Speaking for myself, I'm GLAD the links were up longer, so I had the chance to get them! Well, most...I clicked in vain for 3&4 :(
It's like being invited to a birthday party, and then commenting loudly that you didn't like the cake! Grrrr.
THANK-YOU for taking the time out of your busy busy life to share such cute things with all of us. I'm sure I'm not the only one that really appreciates it.
Happy Birthday month from a fellow August birthday person!
I'm not anonymously stating this either.

Kim said...

Katie, my friend shared your comments with me and I have to say this: WELL DONE! You handled it much better than I would have....being non-confrontational I would have just ignored the comment.

We shouldn't have to defend ourselves for sharing things for 1 day only (or whatever time period). We share because we like to but it seems there are some who really don't take into account what it costs us in time and energy to share at all.

Maybe that person should come be you for the day and see how much she gets done???!!

Hang in there and big hugs!

diharper said...

That anonymous comment was so thoughtless, no wonder she wouldn't leave her name! I am so grateful for every freebie I can get since my only income is from Social Security, and I'm glad I have that!

Thank you again for sharing your enormous talent with me!

Angi said...

For myself, I do think that the comment that was left was quite rude... I read it for myself over on 4 shared. However, I do have to admit that there are times when I wish that people who do put time limits on their gifts would leave them up just a bit longer. Most of the time I have no problems getting them within the time limit, but now and then things to do happen, and I can't help being dissapointed when I miss out on part of a collection because I had to work overtime or my daughter is ill and I can't make it on line for a day or two.

On another note, I believe that I sent a message explaining what happened to me (i.e. my pc crashing) and that I was very disappointed at having missed out on a part of your wonderful birthday book. I don't believe that I was rude in asking if I might perhaps get the piece emailed to me, but if my request was perceived as being rude please except my apologies.


TifLyn said...

Well done indeed! I was going to say I am in shock that someone is so ungrateful for all the hard work you are giving away for free. But then I thought again, and I'm not really shocked. Seems more and more the norm - people seem to take so much for granted. And signing "anonymously" - hmm, that says it right there anyways...
I admit I do tend to grumble a bit to myself when the freebies are only available for one day - because I can't get to the PC or on the internet every day. But mostly that's because I am a huge "freebie-a-holic" who can't stand to miss a good freebie! And I'm not financially able to buy as many kits as I'd like to!
But (and this is a huge BUT), I always appreciate all the hard work and effort it takes to give us freebies. Especially knowing what a huge pain it is sometimes dealing with the share sites (like 4shared). I do also admit I have been lax at saying thank you for as often as I DL. But that too is becuase my PC is slow and it's a pain to get the comments to send, etc. Yep, I'm making poor excuses, I know...
But at least I never ever have made a bad comment. If someone is upset the links are avail for just a short time - get over it! Either appreciate that it's FREE and the designer has a right to limit DL times for any reason they choose. But to insult someone by saying "they" actually "work for a living" - OMG, I am fired up over that! I too "work for a living" and I too work outside the home. But that never, ever makes me feel more important than someone else. Just because I leave my house every day to go to work, does not mean that I work any harder than anyone who stays home to work. In fact, as I know a lot of folks will agree, it would be a lot harder just because I was working at home, therefore more would be expected of me as far as housework!
And I keep hope alive that someday I will find that dream job that would pay me to sit in front of the TV (or computer) and do whatever I wanted - not having to answer to anyone else - or do housework... Now, then I could say I didn't work! LOL!
Thank you again, and I am so so sorry that there are people out there who do not appreciate you. Know that there are many, many more of us who do!
Hugs, Tif

Cindy said...

First, happy birthday month, and thank you for giving us the presents!

Second, I appreciate that you offer your files to us at all, it doesn't matter if it is only for one day, that is better than not at all!! Your work is much appreciated.

Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

I personally want to thank you too. I am so sorry that you are not appreciated by everyone because you have done so many nice things. I just found your blog for the first time last month and I have enjoyed your work very much.

momoid said...

Congratulations Katie for standing up to be counted. It makes me so mad when I read comments like the one left for you. Through your kindness and generosity we have all received many wonderful gifts for our digi scrapping. Just look at the blog trains in the last two months from the many generous designers (including you) at Digitals.

People as arrogant as annonymouse really ought to stop and engage their brain before they open their mouth (so to speak). These are gifts, you would not have to leave them at all. I may not remember every day, but at least once I leave a thank you note for the designer leaving the gift.

I really appreciate the time and care you take with these albums you have created. They have shown me kits I might have missed otherwise.

As far as busy goes, you have one occupation that keeps you employed full time without anything else - Mom. Austin always looks so happy, you can tell you are a great mom, too. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all of the wonderful gifts you leave for us.


P.S. If it makes you feel any better between my two daughters and husband none of them know how to bend at the waist, either. At least I'm not the only one with the problem. LOL

Cindy said...

Katie, Thank you sooo much for all of the FREE things that you have given me. I also know that you leave your goodies up for more than 1 day. I missed the key plate book on the 1st & 2nd days. I was able to get days 1, 2, & 3 all on the morning of the 3rd day. I was so happy to see it because I love those tiny books. Thanks for all of your hard WORK. And WOW! do you ever work at home!

Cheryl said...

All that and they can't leave a name.
Don't let it keep you down. The majority of us appreciate every freebie out there. I am just learning digital scrapping and really love how much is shared out there for FREE! It takes time for you to design your items and time is money.
I also work for a living (outside the home), go to school, serve on two professional boards, have a husband and four children and still find the time to download the freebies I want (my down time).
You and the other designers are very generous with the amount you share for free. Sour grapes to the thoughtless poster!

Angela said...

thank you so much for your generosity. Your work and generosity is very much appreciated. I can hear a nappy fill - must dash.

jesse7 said...

First off let me say how sorry I am that someone would leave such a message!! What "gall" they had to say such a thing. I work outside the home as well. Plus I have 3 children, a home to take care of, a vegitable garden and 2 rose gardens and my lawn. My husband is in the Marines and is deployed overseas. I only have ME to depend on and I would NEVER grumple because I got to a site late for a download. It happens. Deal with it! I hope that you will not let this set the pace to ruin your Birthday Month. Let all of us who Love you and Appreciate you for Who are lead you forward. You are a wonderful person, who has a great many people that love you.

Kittenb said...

Katie, I am so sorry to hear it. I just have to say that I DO WORK for a living. I have 4 kids of our 6 living with me aged from 9 to 15. I work outside my home, Have 2 dogs, 1 cat and a fish PLUS my husband is working out of state for the next 4 years.So I do this all by myself as I only have my mom locally and she works full time also Amazingly enough because I adore your designs I make it here every night. Keep your chin up, everything you do is appreciated. Giving freebies is a warm gesture but I have never seen a rule in the Digi Scrapping world that it is a requirment.