Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is Day 11 Gone Already?

I just got a comment where the person assumed (incorrectly) that I've already removed the link to Day 11. So for those of you who might see that comment, no Day 11 is not gone. For that matter, I haven't removed Day 10 yet.

Many of you have shown that you really do read my blog and I've gotten a number of email requests for missing days today. I've even been asked for a hint to where the link for Day 11 is hiding. And here's the hint that I gave... look under the preview for today's download.

So, don't give up. The links are there and will be there for at least another day.


Anonymous said...

Katie I must say I love how you hide the links. I thought it was a great idea when Christina did it for the polar blog express. I don't mind looking for them because I love to read the blogs and see what everyone is up. Sorry you are getting negative comments and I don't think anyone should say things like this since we are the ones that are benefiting from the freebies and not the designers. Keep hiding those links I love it. Thanks so much for your generosity. Teresa

EnchantedCropper said...

I like searching around a bit for the link. I just follow my reading with the mouse and then check what highlights til I find the 4shared link. It makes it more interesting than "click here". But when it comes to gifts, I don't complain about how they are packaged. Thanks so much for this kit. Again, I love the bright colors, Katie.